Tiaan & Kim Taute

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden, that had a heart to help others and she became a nurse. While this profession filled her heart with joy, she had so much more love to give and knew that there was a gentleman out there waiting and praying for her.

Off in a distant town was just such a gentleman. A man that had made a promise to the Lord that he would not date in 2015 but keep his focus on his relationship with God. He wanted to share his love and dedication to the Lord with a friend and therefore he reached out in his community via social media for this friend.
Cue the Lord, His impeccable timing and His testing of our sincerity to promises that we make as Kim answered Tiaan’s message. Tiaan met his soul mate.
Their friendship grew in strength as Tiaan kept his promise and when 2016 rolled in, he eventually took the love of his life on a date.
Fast forward to March 4th 2017 when friends and family got to witness their promises to each other before the Lord.


Frolicking at a Fantastic Establishment – Escapology …

Kim stayed and dressed at the most eclectic and cool (if I may be forgiven for my casual slang) guest house out there, ‘The Warehouse’ part of the Escapology portfolio of guest houses. Nothing encapsulates the photographic spirit more than bold colours and little details everywhere; A playground of opportunity. The only drawback is that there is so much to choose from, where does one start and when must one end?

Warehouse – Escapology

Oh and the bride was there as well…

A festive atmosphere danced through the house as the bridal party readied themselves for the ceremony and celebrations. Make up beautifully applied by Megan from @Peace with skin & Body, allowing for Kim’s ‘outside’ to match the beauty within.


On to putting on the last dress you will ever where… dum dum duuuuuum… okay maybe not literally but the moment feels just as epic.

Waiting, everyone holds their breath as they see a mere mortal enter the layers of white tulle below and emerge an angelic figure above. Sighs of pleasure as there is nothing more beautiful than a bride.


Who God has joined in matrimony…

Was the Bride late you ask?  No… they never are, everyone else is simply early.


The ceremony took place at the AFM Pentecostal church in Noordheuwel where the couple are regular members. There was such sincerity of emotion present, from Pastor Greg Van Der Merwe’s sermon to the couple’s vows; someone pass me a tissue please.


One Flesh…

Next stop was the botanical gardens where this wonderful couple’s love and passion radiated from them.  Hotstuff…

To end on a high note, celebrating with friends and family…

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Thank you to my second shooter Adrianne Janse van Rensburg for dealing with my crazy all day. 


Thank you Tiaan and Kim for allowing me to capture this momentous occasion, and may God bless your union always.


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