Emergency Muscle Seeking – EMS Training

It has been nearly two month since Comrades, six weeks that I have been injured and stagnant.  Why you wonder didn’t I take my lazy bum to alternative non-impact training, well because of the F word.  FLU!  A nasty strain that got its tentacles into me like a tick, and like the bloodsuckers if not handled correctly at first discovery it can lead to a long recovery road full of setbacks.  Now I am way behind my fellow runners in training for the upcoming season, and upcoming races are nipping at my heels, once a pleasant running companion is now a little runt biting at my ankles.  I had to come up with a make-up strategy quickly.

I had a nice long moan about it all to my sister, as one does.  I expected to extract the maximum sympathy that is my due as per the laws governing sibling relationships.   However I received not one tut, sigh or consolatory grimace.  The more I moaned the bigger her grin grew.  Needless to say I thought my sister was broken and mentally added this to my friendship moan share list, to be discussed with my bestie later.  My sister cut me off mid-sentence, grabbed my shoulders and put her face into my face and shouted, “’LISTEN, I HAVE AN IDEA! You need to come and train at my EMS studio, BODY 20.”  I was sceptical because I am a serious athlete (cough, cough, just go with it) and all I could think of was those infomercials with the belt that pulses and miraculously gives you a six pack.

Now if there is something that my sister and I have in common, it is that we have uber and uber amounts of energy and if we direct it into one specific idea there is NO RESISTING or getting away from it.  Picture if you will the Harry Potter scene with Harry and Voldemort’s wands locked in battle, streams of energy with ghostly figures talking in your ear and total pandemonium.  Now imagine all that directed at you.

That’s how I found myself last week at her Body 20 studio being fully accessed.  Now they say the scale don’t lie, but the scale aint got nothing on their futuristic contraption.  It feels strangely Star Trek Voyager  standing there as the machine scans you and reveals your results.

Here am in the picture below, fully exposed, down to the skeleton naked, my results.  I must say, what a relief to see evidence that I have a heavy bone structure, not a heavy butt, ok, well since you caaaan see my results, maybe a slightly heavy butt too.   Check the Body 20 website to understand what all the results mean.  The recommendation for me to be at peak level is to lose 1.9kg’s.


New Doc 1 (1)

Some info on EMS training from, the Body 20 website:  http://www.body20.co.za/ems.html


Just one Body20 workout is equivalent to 5 conventional weight training sessions

Body20 Studio EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) mimics the natural action of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract our deep muscle fibres. In just a 20 minute training session, your personal trainer will put you through a customised 1 on 1 program – giving your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout.


Depending on your level of fitness and goals, your training session is either low impact (with basic exercises to awaken muscles) or highly intense, with strong contractions and dynamic exercises to activate deep muscle hypertrophy. Body20 trainers customise every program to suit their client, from heavy strength training to fat and cellulite reduction regimes.


So back to my Saturday morning, I am strapped into my hi-tech gear and our trainer has our machines set to our appropriate fitness levels, I say a little prayer that I will not give my sister any reason to laugh at me and our training begins.


Pre-training selfies 

We are a few minutes into our training when the managing director Bertus Albertse walks in.  Oops I wonder; why are they calling the boss in.  I envisioned him saying “Lelani Jansen you are ridiculous!” *side note: I may have watched Bridget Jones to often and regularly speak to myself in a British accent.  However, he instead took over our training and motivated us to get the best out of our workout and we certainly did.  I felt absolutely exhilarated, like after I have run a particularly gruelling hill and my muscles have worked but instead of draining me it has energised me.  What a feeling, and also what a privilege to be trained by the big man himself.  *On another side note, my butt hurt really bad for days, thanks Bert.

IMG-20160717-WA0002 Lunge it out… 

After the session, Bertus reviewed my evaluation and explained what it all meant.  He also said the magical F word to me…Fast.  That really grabbed my attention.  Could I utilise this training to recover from my injury, get to the level I was before and then improve my running times.  My eyes sparkled reflectively as words like fast twitch muscle activation and explosive training sprang from his lips and glittered the world around me.  I could maybe become the fast runner I was yearning inside to be, faster than now anyhow.  Note to self, even a tortoise has a PB.

So now I have added a weekly EMS session to my training regime and will keep you posted weekly as to my results.  Also see my post coming soon, Drowning after Comrades to read about my harrowing swimming adventures as this tortoise puts on a turtle shell.


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