I would just like to let you all know that I am indeed trendy.  I acquired such status when I frequented an organic produce establishment and bought myself a large bunch of Kale, ensuring that all in said establishment saw my super health conscientious purchase.  I knew to purchase this Super Kale; not to be confused with Superman Kal-El mind; from all the blogs I had been reading lately.  There I was exchanging the noose of society from my purse for the freedom of super health, smiling self-assuredly whilst simultaneously leaning over to my friendie Candice and whispering, “So what do I actually do with it?”  My dear friend patiently and indulgently smiled at me, replying that I should cook it like spinach.  I stared at her while crickets chirped in the background.  Two thoughts came to mind, I have to cook ?! and Then why not just eat spinach?!

There is only one way to solve that Conundrum… A DANCE OFF… uuum no, A COOK OFF…no wait, a SUPERFOOD OFF… Yes! *disclaimer, the word off in the title has no connotation to the state of the freshness the food.

kale        vs   53452

        KALE                                SPINACH










Info received from

The winner will be dependant on your individual needs.

My Winner: KALE





Baked Kale and Egg Dish

I made my own variation with what I had in the fridge of a recipe I found on a blog called Kalyns Kitchen.

What I had in Fridge/Pantry:orley

*Kale                                                                                   *Orley Whip (dairy-free version of cream)

*Mozzarella Cheese                                                       * Chicken Breast

*Tomatoes                                                                         *Eggs

*Garlic, Herbs and Spices


  • My Kale was already in strips, I fried it in olive oil with some garlic,chilli and Himalayan salt.
  • I beat my eggs and Orley whip together, adding some herbs and spices.
  • I topped my chicken breast with a few squirts of lemon juice, salt and rosemary then grilled it in the oven.
  • I then put my ensemble together; I sprayed my dish with spray and cook. I sliced the chicken breast and layered the bottom of the dish.  I added the kale next, followed by the cheese.  Then I poured the egg mixture over it all .  I topped it off with slices tomato on top and seasoned the top.  I baked the mixture till ready.


Despite a sceptical husband, the dish was a hit and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Tomato & Spinach Soup

I wanted to make a dish other than creamed spinach as I did not want to disguise the taste of the spinach and so I attempted a Spinach soup.


When I said I would be serving spinach soup, the eyebrows on the male members of my family drew up high and I saw their eyes wander over to the bread bin, no doubt convinced that they will not enjoy it and would have to assemble a sandwich.  However, they ate every morsel that they were served and that says a lot.

I once again used what I had on hand in the fridge and pantry.

What I had in the Fridge/Pantry:spi

*Spinach                                                              *Lean Mince

*Onion                                                                 *Tomatoes

*Garlic, Herbs and Spices                             *Spirit Vinegar

  • I chopped my tomatoes( about 6 large ones) and seasoned them.
  • I chopped my onions (two large ones)
  • I seasoned my mince.
  • I boiled my kettle.
  • I add all my ingredients into my trusty pressure cooker. Tomatoes and onions first,mince and then spinach followed by garlic, herbs and chilli spices.  Then the boiled water, enough to have a soup consistency and a dash of vinegar.  Leaving it to cook for 30 minutes.
  • I stirred and mushed the soup before I served it.

Despite enjoying both meals…

My Winner is:Spinach & Kale because like I said because both meals were delicious.





As a work day draws to the close, you pack up and make your way home, on route you are struck with a craving for the greens, as one does.  Any grocer or shop will offer you spinach but Kale is still a novelty green in these parts.  You will have to go to specific markets for your Super Kale. The upside to that is the experience, the choice and the fun you can have at the market.

My winner is: Spinach



I choose not to choose between Spinach or Kale.  I enjoy both and I will have either or at least once a week.


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