What are you running from?


“Don’t you own a car?”  “I get tired driving that far never mind running.”  “You are crazy!”

And I say to you sir, “Yes I own a car; perhaps your lack of energy whilst driving is attributed to the inhalation of car fumes or low blood sugar; and Yes I am very aware of my mental state so there is no need for the tone of alarm when you declare this.

Being a runner, I have heard all kinds of jibes from the lazyman, oops sorry the layman I mean, regarding running.  Never more so than when I announced that I am going to partake in the Comrades marathon, or “I’m doing Comrades” as we say.  For those that don’t know what Comrades is, it is the ultimate human race.  An Ultra Marathon in South Africa that is 89km long and was started in 1921 by Vic Clapham to honour his fallen Comrades in the war.  It is run one year from Pietermaritzburg to Durban(down run) and from Durban to Pietermaritzburg (up run) the subsequent year.  It is notoriously known for bringing out the best in the human spirit as people help each other on the journey, even if it is just dragging carcasses out the way so your weary legs don’t have to trip over them.  Please check out this prodigious event on their website.  http://www.comrades.com/.  Anyway, Back to my delirious announcement to friend and foe that has brought on my current quandary.

I am doing Comrades.  Gulp Let me set the scene when these words first burst forth from my maniacal lips.  I was watching the 2015 Comrades Marathon and I was hooked on the performance by Caroline Wostmann.  Now I have been watching comrades since a young child and never imagined having the urge or capability to do this race myself.  But as I was watching this awe-inspiring lady run, she stopped for a wee-wee break, took the odd short walk before bursting off again and ran in the most incredible way.  The thought dawned on me, she is human.  She is talented for sure but her training and determination are the reason she is doing so well.  I could barely breathe as I followed her progress and I got caught up in the excitement of her potential victory.  By the moment, her Champion Chip hit the timing mat and the victory ribbon swirled around her sweaty middle, I had jumped from my chair and was already at the 2016 starting line.

Reality took a while to slap me in the face as my husband should have done before my words were cold but there you have it, now I had to have a real hard look at what would be required physically and mentally to achieve this feat.  How far and how often I should run, what cross training I should do and most importantly, how much extra I could eat!

comrades slap

Catch my next blog as I delve into my training, nutrition and mental preparation for Comrades.

I am running the Comrades Marathon on 29 May 2016 and will surely tell you all about my adventure once completed…

2 thoughts on “What are you running from?

  1. You are such an inspiration Lani. Just reading this and having run with you makes me want to be a better runner . Makes me realise I can do so much more that I ever thought possible. Now…….If only I could get back on the road…… 😊


    • Aaaaah Amands.
      Thank you for the lovely comment! We miss you on the road so come back soon…
      You have proven that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to…


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